Do Your Message
Get Video!

At 8 Media Group, we go beyond just showing up with our cameras and pressing record. We closely work with you before and after the cameras roll to ensure an efficient and transparent production experience that aligns with your end goal. 

Commercial Advertisements

Create brand awareness, promote your solution to a specific problem, and send out a call to action. A commercial video allows you to concisely tell your story through thoughtfully created imagery, music, and words that speak to your brand.

Social Media + Web content

Catch your audience in their "micro moments" as they scroll through social media and pack the punch of your message within 60 seconds or less. Then give them the full scoop on your website after a successful click through.

Corporate + educational

From internal communications, training, to pitch videos and campaigns, let your message resonate up and down the ladder in the most efficient, engaging, and effective way with video.


Video Production


Don’t get FOMO. Here are some stats on why video is the most effective tool to spread your message.

1 %

85% of the US internet audience watches video online.

1 %

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

1 %

Viewers retain 95% of a message from watching a video vs. 10% reading text.

Our Process

Our streamlined process keeps the production collaborative, transparent, and creates an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

"Video Content Increases Trust,
but video alone doesn't increase the trust.

Video that resonates is what matters."